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Angelo’s Success Story: Trusting the Right Team for Selling a Family Home

Selling a family home is a significant decision, often involving complex emotions and logistical challenges. For Angelo, a data analyst at Wells Fargo, this process required a professional who could speak his language—one rooted in data and analytics. His journey to successfully selling his family home highlights the importance of trust, communication, and expertise in real estate transactions.

The Initial Meeting: A Data-Driven Approach

When Angelo first met with Wilson, he was immediately impressed by Wilson’s approach. “You came out the gate with your laptop and you had about 8 tabs open with data. I said, wow, that's great because that's what I do for a living. I'm a data analyst and I work with metrics and analytics for Wells Fargo. I thought that was perfect because you were speaking my language,” Angelo recalls.

For Angelo, this data-centric approach was crucial in choosing the right real estate professional. The alignment in their analytical thinking reassured Angelo that he had found the right person and company for the job. Wilson’s accurate predictions on the listing price and final sale price further cemented this trust. “You pretty much predicted on point. It was above the listing price. I knew it was going to be above. I didn't know it was going to be that much above. I was a little bit surprised that you actually came up with a number... Pretty impressive,” Angelo adds.

Deciding to Sell: A Family Decision

Angelo’s decision to sell the family home was driven by his responsibility for managing the family trust. After considering various options and consulting with their family lawyer, the consensus was to sell the property and divide the proceeds equally among the family members. Their lawyer advised Angelo to find a local real estate expert, which led him to Wilson. “I found you on Yelp. I recall receiving one of your mailers. In the past, you have a lot of accolades being number one in South San Francisco, which I thought was a good start,” Angelo explains.

The Selling Experience: Seamless and Supportive

From the initial contact to the final sale, Angelo’s experience with Wilson and his team was marked by seamless communication and comprehensive support. “The first thing that I really appreciated is that I was able to get a hold of you the same day. After I spoke to you, you said I would be meeting with Priscillia and she came. We did a walkthrough and she was very helpful. Priscillia outlined all of the steps in the process along with the timeline,” Angelo shares.

Throughout the process, the constant communication and detailed explanations provided by Wilson, Priscillia, Amy, and the rest of the team were invaluable. Angelo emphasizes, “It's really the communication, you know. Everyone from Priscillia to Amy and yourself. There was a lot of communication throughout the entire process.”

The Offer Process: Trust and Transparency

One of the highlights of Angelo’s experience was the transparent and supportive offer process. The team’s ability to clearly explain each step and keep Angelo informed reassured him that he was in capable hands. This transparency built a foundation of trust, crucial for a successful real estate transaction. Angelo advises others in similar situations to prioritize working with someone they can trust and who can guide them through the entire process. “I guess I would just advise that you work with somebody that can walk you through the entire process, which is what you did. You know, somebody that you can trust as well. That's the feeling that I got from you is that I can trust you because again you have the data to back it up,” he states.

Conclusion: A Grateful Heart

Reflecting on his journey, Angelo expresses deep gratitude for the support and professionalism provided by Wilson and his team. “I'm thankful for you and the team for helping us throughout the whole process. Thank you so much,” he concludes.

Ready to Begin Your Own Journey?

At The Own Team, we understand the complexities and emotions involved in selling a family home. Our data-driven, professional approach ensures that you are supported every step of the way. Contact us today to discuss your plans and let us help you achieve a successful and rewarding home sale.

Selling a home is more than a transaction; it’s a significant life event that requires trust, communication, and expertise. With the right team, your dream of a successful sale can become a reality, just like it did for Angelo.

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