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Selling a home is never an easy decision, especially when it’s filled with cherished memories and when circumstances force your hand. For Anita and Al, the decision to sell their beloved home was driven by health reasons. Their journey with OWN Real Estate and their interactions with Wilson turned what could have been a daunting process into an experience marked by honesty, persistence, and trust.

A Persistent Beginning

Anita and Al's story with Wilson began with what they initially saw as persistent pestering. Wilson, a young and enthusiastic real estate agent, made frequent visits to their home, sparking both curiosity and amusement.

"He keeps saying, 'Your friend Wilson is outside,'" Anita recalled. "And I said, 'He's not my friend. He's just a kid who suddenly knew real estate.'" This playful skepticism was a recurring theme in their early encounters.

Al chimed in with a laugh, "What does that kid want?" To which Anita would respond, "I don't know. He said, 'Are you gonna sell your house?' I said no, no. We're not interested in selling." Despite their initial reluctance, Wilson’s unwavering persistence began to make an impression.

The Decision to Sell

As time went on, the couple faced growing health challenges that made staying in their multi-story home increasingly difficult. "Deciding to sell the house was not our choice," Anita explained. "It was a decision based on health. Getting up the first flight of stairs inside the house just to our level where we live got harder and harder, and then going down got harder."

During this period, Wilson continued to nurture a connection with Anita and Al, often dropping by with schedules for the Giants and the 49ers, and even bringing candies. "You always brought candies and stuff like that, so I said, well, you know, Wilson's a good guy," Al noted. "You are persistent and honest. That's what does it. I mean, you could try to BS people, but people like us, we see right through it because we're old, you know. We've been there, done that. First thing I want to know is who am I dealing with."

Building Trust Through Honesty

Wilson's honesty and perseverance ultimately won Anita and Al over. When the time came to make the tough decision to sell, Anita reached out to Wilson. "So when the time came, I gave you a call and said, okay, I'm ready," she shared. "What made me make the decision to pick you was honesty and perseverance."

Anita's background as an audit manager for the State of California gave her a keen eye for detecting insincerity. "I worked for the State of California. For 43 years, I was the audit manager. I know when people are bullshitting me, and you aren't," she said.

Al agreed, adding that Wilson's transparent approach and genuine care were pivotal in their decision. "You had all the things I needed, and you offered. You check with this guy, or I have this lady, or this one's gonna do. I chose you because I like your honesty."


Anita and Al's testimonial underscores the core values that OWN Real Estate upholds: persistence, honesty, and genuine care for our clients. Their journey from initial skepticism to trust and satisfaction highlights the importance of building authentic relationships in real estate. We are grateful for the opportunity to assist Anita and Al and are honored by their kind words.

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