Quick Facts: CPI, Interest Rates and Real Estate

Here are some quick facts to update you on the current real estate market:

  • January CPI came in at 3.1% today and it was hotter than expected

  • The 10 year treasury yield has moved up 0.08% to 4.267%
  • With a spread of 280bps between the 10 year treasury yield and the 30 year fixed rate mortgage, we should expect rates to come in around 7.07% today. Rates will likely stay elevated above 7.0% in the short term.
  • The market is now expecting the fed funds rate to stay paused until June 2024
  • Inventory continues to be an issue amongst local markets and we're seeing the month over month increase as expected:
  • Median sales prices for our local market continues to see a month over month increase for the season however is currently behind last years highs:

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