Renovating an Inherited Home Before Selling | Seller Testimonial

Remodeling a home can be an overwhelming endeavor, especially for first-timers. Yet, for one family, their first full home remodel turned into a seamless and deeply meaningful experience, thanks to the expertise and empathy of the Own team. This testimonial captures the essence of their journey and the profound impact it had on them.

A Commitment to Timeliness and Quality

For many, remodeling a home is synonymous with delays and unforeseen complications. However, this family's experience with The Own Team shattered that stereotype. They were quoted a timeline of 5-6 weeks for the completion of their project, and, to their amazement, the team delivered right on schedule. The client remarked, "It was amazing to me that all the work that needed to be done happened so quickly." This commitment to timeliness and efficiency is a testament to The Own's professional approach and meticulous planning.

Remodeling with Purpose

The decision to remodel the home was not just about aesthetics or increasing property value; it was a labor of love. The client shared, "What eventually prompted us to sell the house is it was a trust sale; mom had passed away. As a successor trustee, I had the responsibility of selling the home. And as you can imagine, it had been lived in and it was in rough shape." The emotional weight of this responsibility was significant, and The Own Team understood this deeply.

A Judgment-Free Zone

One of the standout aspects of this experience was the empathy and understanding shown by The Own design team. "They made us feel very comfortable. We didn't feel judged. We didn't feel embarrassed," the client noted. This compassionate approach was crucial in making the family feel at ease and respected throughout the process.

Honoring Memories Through Design

The remodel was not just about preparing the house for sale; it was about honoring cherished memories and creating a welcoming space for the next family. "It was important for us to remodel the home before it was sold because it was another way for us to honor our parents. We just wanted the next family who was going to purchase the home to have a beautiful home," the client explained. This heartfelt intention was beautifully executed by The Own Team, ensuring the home's new owners would begin their journey with happy memories.

Seamless Collaboration

The experience with Own was described as "seamless." From prompt communication to detailed design considerations, the family felt fully supported and involved. "Every question was always answered. The design, the detail, we were always considered and ideas were presented before us," they shared. This collaborative approach made the entire process feel like a partnership.

Expertise in Local Homes

Melissa, a key member of The Own Team, played a pivotal role in the remodel. Her extensive knowledge of homes in the area and her experience with local remodeling projects were invaluable. The client appreciated her ability to select items that were both stylish and practical. "She would choose items that weren't just over the top. They were nice, upgraded, and everything that was quoted to us was within our budget," they said. This balance of quality and cost was essential, and Melissa’s recommendations always reflected their needs and constraints.

Practical Advice and Market Insight

One of the best pieces of advice the client offers to others is the importance of understanding the local market. "It's going to save them a lot of time and heartache. The Own Team and Wilson were always very realistic with us about the numbers," they noted. This realistic and honest approach was particularly crucial in ensuring the house sold at the anticipated price.

A Properly Handled Trust Sale

Selling a property in a trust can be complicated, but The Own Team's knowledge and expertise made the process smooth and efficient. "The knowledge about selling a property that's in a trust was very important for us because it was a big deal and we just felt like it was handled properly. It was handled the way our parents would have liked," the client explained. This confidence and reassurance were invaluable throughout the process.

Heartfelt Gratitude and Strong Recommendation

In conclusion, the family’s experience with The Own Team was exceptional. Every detail was handled with care, every decision was made collaboratively, and the final result was a beautifully remodeled home that honored their parents' memory. The client expressed their gratitude, stating, "If you have any questions about moving forward, it will be the best decision you made. You will not be disappointed."

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