Ron’s Journey: Selling a Home After 24 Years with Wilson’s Expert Guidance

Selling a family home is a significant life event, often filled with emotions and challenges. For Ron, who had lived in his San Bruno home for 24 years, the decision to sell was particularly daunting. His journey from initial nervousness to a successful sale is a testament to the power of trust, professionalism, and genuine care provided by his real estate agent, Wilson.

The Initial Decision: A Mix of Emotions

After 24 years of creating memories in his San Bruno home, Ron faced the tough decision to sell. Naturally, he was nervous. “When I decided to sell, I was very nervous because I’ve lived here for 24 years,” Ron recalls. Understanding the gravity of this decision, he embarked on the journey of finding the right real estate agent to guide him through the process.

Finding the Right Agent: Meeting Wilson

Ron interviewed several agents, but it was Wilson who stood out. “When I talked to him, I felt very comfortable with him. Very professional actually,” says Ron. Wilson’s professionalism, combined with his personable approach, immediately put Ron at ease. Wilson provided Ron with a comprehensive overview of market rates, the best times to sell, and strategic advice tailored to his situation. Their shared sense of humor also helped build a strong rapport. “I like his humor because we joke. I’m a joker and he jokes too,” Ron adds.

Building Trust: A Genuine Partnership

One of Ron’s main priorities was finding an agent he could trust, someone who would genuinely look out for his best interests. He quickly realized that Wilson’s goal was to help him, not just make a commission. “I know they make you money doing it, but that wasn’t it to me. I didn’t feel like that was Wilson’s goal. The goal was to help me, and that’s what I appreciated about Wilson,” Ron explains.

The Supportive Team: Going Above and Beyond

Wilson’s professionalism was mirrored by his entire team, who provided exceptional support throughout the selling process. “His crew and everyone I worked with on his team are respectful. They got back to me within hours of any questions I had,” Ron says. A particularly memorable instance for Ron was when he accidentally texted Melissa, a team member, instead of his daughter while he was sick. Despite the mistake, Melissa offered to bring him medicine, a gesture that left Ron feeling very grateful.

The Selling Process: From Listing to Closing

When it came time to list the house, Wilson assured Ron that they could aim for a higher price. Despite his initial fears, Ron trusted Wilson’s expertise. “We sold my house and Wilson told me we can see if we can get you a little more out of this. I was scared, but I hired him to do the job, and he sold it. He got me more money, which made me very happy so that I can buy my new house a lot easier,” Ron shares.

Efficient and Effective: A Quick Sale

The home was listed, and to Ron’s amazement, it sold in just 13 days. “Actually, when it went up for sale, it was 13 days, which was for me pretty amazing. I was afraid it was going to go a month to two months,” Ron says. This quick sale was a testament to the effective strategies and professional presentation orchestrated by Wilson and his team.

Professional Presentation: The Key to Success

A significant part of the successful sale was due to the excellent job done on photography and staging. “They did an excellent job on photography, staging. I met the gentleman that did it, and I think he did a great job from start to finish. Everybody is so professional,” Ron notes. The professional presentation played a crucial role in attracting buyers and securing a swift and profitable sale.

Conclusion: A Trusted Recommendation

Reflecting on his journey, Ron is filled with gratitude and satisfaction. His experience with Wilson and his team was overwhelmingly positive, from the initial decision to the final sale. “If you need an agent, there’s a guy for you right there. I totally trust him,” Ron concludes, wholeheartedly recommending Wilson to anyone looking to sell their home.

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