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In the fast-paced world of real estate, finding a mentor who genuinely supports and guides you can make all the difference. Holly F. has found such a mentor in Wilson, and her testimonial highlights the positive, nurturing environment fostered by Wilson and his team at OWN Real Estate. Holly’s words offer a glimpse into the supportive culture that drives their collective success.

A Mentor, Coach, and Friend

Holly's journey with Wilson is marked by his generosity and professionalism. "Wilson is my mentor, coach, and friend. As a real estate professional, Wilson is so generous, helpful, and professional," Holly shared. Her experience is a testament to the invaluable support and guidance that Wilson provides to those he mentors.

A Positive Team Environment

Wilson’s leadership extends beyond individual mentorship; he cultivates a vibrant and collaborative team environment. Holly appreciates the positive atmosphere and the willingness of team members to support one another. "As a team leader, Wilson is leading a great team environment; team members are so positive, energetic, creative, and won't hesitate to help each other," she noted.

This sense of camaraderie and mutual support is essential in the demanding real estate industry. Holly feels a strong connection to the team, describing it as a "loving family." Her enthusiasm for the team's dynamic is evident: "I love being with these people. It's a loving family. Looking forward to many wins with Wilson and his team."

Wilson’s Gratitude and Vision

Wilson reciprocated Holly’s kind words with gratitude and a clear vision for the future. "Holly F., thank you so much for your kind words. Everything's a work in progress, and I'm happy that you're joining us being a mentee and also joining our team huddles," Wilson said. His acknowledgment of Holly's contributions and his appreciation for her involvement underscore the collaborative spirit that defines their team.

Wilson's commitment to continuous improvement and open communication is evident. He encouraged others to share their experiences and seek feedback: "Thank you so much, and if you had experiences working with us and would like to provide feedback, or if you have experiences working with other people and are seeking feedback from professionals like us, reach out to us as well."


Holly F.'s testimonial shines a light on the supportive and empowering environment cultivated by Wilson and the team at OWN Real Estate. Her experience underscores the importance of mentorship, collaboration, and a positive team culture in achieving success in the real estate industry. As Holly looks forward to many more wins with Wilson and the team, we are inspired by her story and committed to fostering a nurturing and dynamic environment for all our team members.

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