Arroyo Residence

As-Is Value $1,350,000 | Remodel Cost $48,610 | Sold Value $1,550,000 | Value Created $151,390

The Story

After owning their beloved South San Francisco Home for many years, Walter & Raquel made the tough decision to sell. They had toyed with the idea of leaving California for a while, but it was never the right time. The home featured a basement apartment that their son previously resided in and once he moved out, they new it was time to make their big out of state move – starting the process by selling their home.

Since this sale would be the major funding for their move, Walter & Raquel wanted to work with a real estate agent who understood the South San Francisco market and would be able to help them maximize their profit. They decided to reach out to Wilson here at OWN Real Estate to help them achieve their goal of being able to sell for more, and they started the process.

The first thing Wilson suggested was to do a minor renovation. While Walter & Raquel had kept their home in great condition over the years doing upgrades as necessary, there were changes that were essentail to showing the home in the best light. Our listing coordinator came through with a contractor and put together a few different quotes based on the level of work. Since the home was well taken care of, Walter & Raquel opted to just refinish the existing hardwood floors, breath new life into the kitchen by painting the cabinets, do a fresh interior paint, and replace some light fixtures through the home.

Before (Left) and After (Right) of the Living Room in Arroyo Residence

Starting with the living room, you can see some of the largest transformation throughout the home here. Since this room was quite dark before, when refinishing the hardwood floors, we opted to go with a lighter oak tone to bring in more brightness. Coupled with the repainitng of the walls and the addition of recessed lighting – this room is transformed from feeling heavy and dark with the sensation of very little natural light from the single window, to a bright and airy space with the sensation of multiple sources of natural light without doing a large renovation in the room.

Before (Left) and After (Right) of the Kitchen in Arroyo Residence

Looking then to the kitchen, you can see that the home was already upgraded with beutiful stainless steel appliances and great dark stone countertops. With these elements already in place, the focus for upgrades in the kitchen was painting the cabinets. By refreshing to a brighter cool white tone, we get a nice monochormatic effect between the black countertops and the white cabinetry which makes the silver from the hardware and appliances mesh well with the rest of the room. We carried the new light oak tone of the hardwood floors into the kitchen for added brightness and gave the whole room a fresh coat of white paint for additional airiness.

Before (Left) and After (Right) of a Bedroom in Arroyo Residence

In the bedrooms, it was all about brightening while keeping maintenence low. We refinished the hardwood floors, keeping a warmer tone wood in this space. Removing the heavy shades from the window and adding a fresh coat of white paint is all that is needed to elevate the room and make a small space feel much brighter and more open.

You Don't Need to Spend A Lot to Have a Big Impact!

By spending less than $50,000, the sellers were able to upgrade their space and net an additional $200,000 when it came time to sell. While we tend to think of renovations and remodels as a long and expensive process – it doesn't need to be. By making subtle but impactful changes, you can show your home in a whole new light where buyers are able to see the potential and how it would be for them to live in the home.

Dream Today, OWN Tomorrow.

By working with OWN Real Estate to sell their South San Francisco home, Walter & Raquel where able to achieve their goals of moving out of state while netting significantly more than they expected for their home. Since selling, they were able to purchase another property out of state and even have some funds left over to treat themselves with! 

Work With OWN to Sell For More

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