Beresford Park Residence

As-Is Value $2,100,000Remodel Cost $159,723 | Sold Value $3,725,000 | Value Created $1,465,277

The Story

Brother and sister, Derrick & Arianna, inheritted the Beresford Park residence from their mother when she passed. The home had originally been built by their grandfather, and while it held many happy memories for the siblings, it no longer suited their lives. Deciding to let the property go to another family who could build new memories in the home, they teamed up with their aunt and began searching for an agent to help them sell.

With such a strong family connection to the house, Derrick & Arianna knew they wanted to find a realtor who would understand their love for the home and work to perserve that during the sale while still helping them maximize their profit. They decided to reach out to Wilson here at OWN Real Estate to help them achieve their goal of being able to sell for more, and they started the process.

The first thing Wilson suggested was to do a renovation. While Derrick & Arianna's fmaily had kept the home in good condition over the years, there was so much potential in the property and changes were essential to show the home in the best light. Our listing coordinator came through with a contractor and put together a few different quotes based on the level of work. Derrick & Arianna decided that a large scale renovation would help breathe new life into the property and give the home a wonderful send off to the new owners.

Starting with the kitchen, you can see one of the largest transformations throughout the home here. Since this room felt quite closed off and dated before with the cabinets and flooring, when tackling the renovation, we opted to remove the wall between the kitchen and dining room, creating a nice open concept feel with a peninsula featuring the new gas range, rather than the previous U-shaped kitchen design. With the removal of the wall, the entire kitchen layout needed to be reworked, meaning that all new cabinetry was required for this home. Opting for light birch cabinets with black hardware, bright large format tile, all new quartz counter tops, and stainless steel appliances – this room is transformed from feeling heavy, dark, and cramped, to a bright and airy space fit for a gourmet chef.

In the dining room, you get to see the impact that simply removing the curtains and adding a fresh coat of paint can do. Since we removed the wall between the kitchen and the dining room, we opted to highlight the new open-concept layout. To achieve a feeling of continuity between the two spaces, we carried the fresh white paint through to the walls and ceiling, refinished the hardwood floors to a brighter light oak coloring, and removed the heavy curtains to expose the large window already present in this room, and suddenly the space is transformed a bright and airy space with the sensation of tons of natural light without doing a large renovation in the room.

Here in the primary bath you get to see how light neutral colors change the feeling in a space. By removing the heavy oak vanity, and opting for a light birch floating option, the ceilings feel significantly higher and the space is much more calming. Combining the water closet and vanity area into one en suite helps to create the feeling of a spa-like space with clean large format tile, a soaking tub, and all new fixtures. Even though the general layout is the same, this bathroom is much more functional and calming than it was.

Don't Be Afraid to Take Down Walls!

Sometimes, removing a wall can have a gigantic impact on a space that you don't realize until you take that leap. Contractors and architects have a special talent for being able to rework a space to not only be much more appealing to the eye, but also to be much more funcitonal for living! When opting to renovate your home before a sale, be open to putting a little more money in to make these changes to end up netting much more once your home sells.

Dream Today, OWN Tomorrow.

By working with OWN Real Estate to sell their San Mateo home, Derrick & Arianna where able to sell their family home and net a significant profit to put toward properties that would serve their lifestyles much better, while passing their beloved childhood home on to another family who can build new memories in the property. By updating and honoring the home's legacy before saying goodbye, Derrick & Arianna know their mother and grandfather would be proud.

Work With OWN to Sell For More

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