Los Flores Residence

As-Is Value $1,200,000Remodel Cost $115,985 | Sold Value $1,612,000 Value Created $412,000

The Story

Calvin and Vanessa held onto their family home and used it as a rental for a long time before making the decision to sell. The home was no longer working with their lifestyle, and they didn't set out to be landlords. They had previously put work into the property for it to be up to snuff as a rental, so not too much was needed for making the home work within functionality, but they still wanted to improve the home to get the most bang for their buck when selling.

Due to OWN Real Estate's reputation for helping families sell for more, Calvin and Vanessa knew that we would be the right team to help them get their family home and long-term rental in tip-top shape for hitting the market. The first thing our listing team suggested was completing renovation. Our listing coordinator came through with a contractor and put together a quote. Since the home was used as a rental and in pretty good shape, we were able to utilize a lot of elements already there and spend most of the budget on elevating some other areas of the home for maximum impact.

The biggest priority in the home was opening up the previous galley-style kitchen into an open concept living space with a large feature island. The previous kitchen felt small and cramped and being in the center of the house, always felt dark with only a few recessed lights and an interior faux window over the sink. By opening up the kitchen, it immediately feels significantly brighter and more open and elevates the kitchen into a gormet cooking experience. With double the amount of previous counter space from the new island and fresh stainless steel appliances, this immediately elevated the home significantly creating seamless paths of travel and a much more effortless living situation.

Looking then to the living room, you can see how bright and inviting the space feels with subtle changes. By removing the bulky support beam, updating the flooring, adding a fresh coat of paint, including new recessed lighting, and refacing the fireplace – this living room is elevated to feel significantly more open and inviting. Choosing to do vaniety updates like refacing the fireplace can instantly have a huge visual impact on a home and help buyers invision them living in the space.

In the den, it was all about brightening and modernizing, while keeping necessary work low. Don't under estimate the power that paint and flooring can have on a space. By updating the floors to a lighter oak wood tone and adding a fresh coat of white paint, the ceilings seem higher and there is more area for the light from the large sliding door to reflect around. These two simple upgrades is all that is needed to elevate the room and make a space feel much brighter and airier.

In the bedrooms, it was all about brightening while keeping maintenence low. We refinished the hardwood floors, keeping a warmer tone wood in this space. Removing the heavy shades from the window and adding a fresh coat of white paint is all that is needed to elevate the room and make a small space feel much brighter and more open.

Take the Time to Make a Space More Functional!

By focusing on the functionality of their home and putting in a bit extra at the beginning to update their home, Calvin and Vanessa were able to net an additional $412,000 during their sale. While leaving something as-is means you spend less at the start, it can also hold you back from making significantly more once your home sells. By making these  impactful functionality changes, you can show your home in a whole new light and help buyers be able to feel like their new home will be turn-key and easy to move right into without needing to make updates first.

Dream Today, OWN Tomorrow.

By working with OWN Real Estate to sell their South San Francisco home, Calvin & Vanessa were able to let go of their family home that was no longer serving them and netting significantly more than they expected for their home in the process. Since selling, they were able to purchase another property that fits into their lifestyle much better and even have some funds left over! 

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