Mirada Residence

As-Is Value $X | Remodel Cost $92,165 | Sold Value $1,475,000 Value Created $X

The Story

It can be bittersweet to say good by the the home you grew up in. That's the decision that Melissa and David were facing when they reached out to OWN Real Estate. Coming from a large group of siblings who had since left the Bay Area and made their way up to Portland, after their mother passed it was clear it was time to let go of the family home. While the property had wonderful memories for them, it was no longer working for their family and they decided it was time to sell. Melissa and David reached out to OWN Real Estate to work with a company that would understand their situation and work to make the most out of their home sale. 

Melissa and David were matched with OWN Real Estate's Lead Listing Agent, Wilson, to maximize their profit and help them sell for more. The first thing Wilson suggested was to do a minor renovation to showing the home in the best light. Our listing coordinator came through with a contractor and put together a few different quotes based on the level of work. Since the home was well loved, Melissa and David opted to complete full bathroom remodels, an (almost) full kitchen remodel, refinishing the hardwood floors, and replacing the light fixtures throughout the home.

Starting with the kitchen, you can see some of the best transformation in the home here, while still being able to reuse elements from the previous kitchen. With cabinets in totally fine working order, the focus for upgrades in the kitchen was the countertops, appliances, and flooring. By saving money where possible and choosing to paint the cabinets rather than put in all new ones. By refreshing to a brighter cool white tone, we get a nice airy effect that makes the whole kitchen feel bigger and more open. Adding in all new quartz countertops and matching backsplash, coupled with new stainless steel appliances, helps elevate the home into modern design while still maintaining some of the charm. We opted for large format tiles for a more seamless effect and easier cleaning. 

Looking then to one of the two bathrooms that were renovated, you can see a behind the scenes of a renovation of this scale. While this was a full scale renovation in the bathrooms, we were still limited by the size of the room and elements that are already in place such as the window. We began by stripping all the way back to the studs and then building from the groud up adding in fresh new tile, flooring, and drywall, an all new glass-walled standing shower, a new toilet, and new vanity and finishings. We brought in a lot more light to the space by adding in the scone light above the bathroom sink and keeping the colors light and fresh through out the rebuild.

In the bedrooms, it was all about brightening while keeping the maintenence and costs low. Since other areas of the home were getting such major upgrades, the bedrooms were a space that were already very functional and well maintained. We refinished the hardwood floors, keeping a warmer tone wood in this space. In addition to the floors, adding a fresh coat of white paint is all that is needed to elevate the room and make a small space feel much brighter and more open.

You Don't Need to Renovate Your Whole Home to See Big Changes!

By opting to focus their renovation budget on the spaces with the biggest functional and visible impact, the sellers were able to upgrade their space and net an additional $X when it came time to sell. We tend to think of renovations and remodels the way we see them on TV, covering every inch of the whole home and costing a lot – but in most cases, by focusing on your most impactful spaces and making sure everything is updated and functional there, you can stretch your budget to focus on the biggest pieces and make it seem as though your whole property has been renovated.

Dream Today, OWN Tomorrow.

By working with OWN Real Estate to sell their Daly City home, Melissa & David where able to let go of their family home and make the right choices for thier family, while netting additional funds to be used for finding the home that is right for their lives at this point, while honoring the home that served them well for many years. 

Work with OWN to Sell For More

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