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Unlock the full potential of your property in San Francisco and San Mateo County with Own Real Estate's "Sell for More" program. Designed to secure the highest possible price for your home, our strategy combines local market expertise, personalized marketing, and strategic home enhancements to outshine the competition.

  • Sell For More - We outperform other agents by selling homes for an impressive $87,284 more on average
  • Save Time & Money - We sell homes 47.5% faster than other agents, getting you to your next chapter sooner
  • More Experienced - We sell over +138 more homes annually compared to other agents

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Seller Frequently Asked Questions

Selling Your Home As-Is vs Remodeled
What is the value of selling remodeled? If you are able to vacate the home before going on market, opting for even a small renovation to the home is worth it in order to make improvements and showcase the home in the best light. More often than not, choosing to remodeling your home before sale can increase your homes desirability and potential sale price. When a home is vacant, remodeled, and staged for sale, buyers have an easier time scheduling tours and visualizing themselves in the space. There's an ad
What to Do With An Inherited Home? Selling vs Renting
Have you just inherited a home? Wondering what to do with your inherited property? Feeling overwhelmed about how to proceed? Today, Wilson is giving you the run down about what you should be thinking about, what you need to know about selling an inherited property, and how to take the next steps when you've inherited a home. If you're debating selling vs. renting, it's important to know what you need to do to prepare the home and make sure that you'll avoid a large capital gain burden and get the most fro
Best Time of Calendar Year to Sell A Home In the San Francisco Bay Area 2024
When is it the best time to sell your home in San Mateo County or in the Bay Area in general? Believe it or not, the changing seasons can mean a cooling real estate market. Whether you are purchasing or selling a property, the supply and demand of housing matters. Market seasonality is one of the factors impacting housing supply and demand. While you might not think the seasons of the year can influence the asking price of your home, it makes a big difference—in some cases, as much as 10%. In our market fo
Should You Sell Your Home Vacant or Occupied?
n today's video, we're breaking down whether or not you should move out of the home before selling your house. It can be tough to know whether you should find another place to live when selling your home or if you should plan to move once the sale is complete. Check out as we break down the pros and cons of selling your home vacant vs. occupied.
1031 Exchange vs Homeowners Tax Exemption - Tax Deferral vs Exemption - What is the Difference?
If you are a homeowner or an investor, you've probably wondered what the tax implications are once you sell your property. There are two ways you can defer your capital gain tax if you do decide to sell your home: 1031 exchange and home-owner occupied exemption. The above is not to be treated as tax advice and Wilson is not a tax professional.
What Comes First? Selling Your Home or Buying a New One
If you are a homeowner looking to sell your property and move, deciding whether you should buy or sell your house first is a common question we get asked a lot. In this video we discuss 4 options along with pros & cons of buying first or selling first. Buying First: Option 1: Purchasing outright Option 2: Leverage a Bridge Loan Sell First: Option 3: List Property, negotiate longer escrow & rentback, and simultaneously search for new home Option 4: Sell First, move to Interim place
Should I Get a Pre-Inspection & Termite Inspection?
Today we are discussing the value of getting inspections completed as a seller before your home hits the market. In a competitive market, inspections allow you to disclose any information up front that could effect the sale of your property. This streamlines the selling process and informs potential buyers of what they need to be aware of before purchasing. The inspections I covered in this video: Home Inspection - This inspection is completed by a Home Inspector. They will walk through the interior and e

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